Reagent Test Kits

Reagent testing kits uses a color-metric process for detecting drugs. Place a drop of the chemical from the test kit bottle onto a tiny bit of powder and observer the color change. Always use a white plastic or ceramic plate when doing the test.  There are three combination kits and eight individual test kits depending on what drug or drugs you want to identify. All kits come with a color chart.

Test your ecstasy or molly before you consume it. Many powders and tablets are fake. This discount kit contains is all you need to positively identify MDMA in ecstasy or Molly.
Together these two reagents can detect amphetamines and levamisole in cocaine, two of the most common adulterants or “cuts” that pose increased health and safety risks.
This discounted product contains all eight testing kits together. It includes one each of the Mandelin, Mecke, Marquis, Simons, Froehde, Liebermann, Folin and Ehrlich’s reagents.
Marquis is the best single testing kit for testing Ecstasy or Molly. If you can only afford one, this is the test kit to have. Marquis, however, cannot distinguish between MDMA and MDA. You will need to also use Simons.
Mecke can be used as an alternative to Marquis to test Ecstasy or Molly. Like Marquis, however, Mecke cannot distinguish between MDMA and MDA. You will need to use Simon’s reagent to make that distinction.
Use the Ehrlich’s testing kit to test your LSD before you take it. Ehrlich’s reagent can rule out 25i-NBOMe and other NBOMe drugs. NBOMe’s are highly toxic and extremely dangerous drugs often sold as LSD.
Simon’s test kit is used to distinguish between MDA vs MDMA, as well as amphetamine vs methamphetamine. It is an important second step when testing ecstasy or molly. Always test first with either Marquis or Mecke.
Mandelin is mainly used to identify ketamine and cocaine. In combination with Simon’s, it can also be used to identify identify amphetamine vs meth, and MDA vs MDMA. Never use mandelin alone to test ecstasy or molly.
Liebermann should not be used as a stand-alone kit for testing ecstasy or molly. In conjunction with other reagent kits, it can help identify specific cathinones and other new psychoactive substances.
Froehde’s is mainly used to identify 5-APB and 6-APB, which reacts similarly to MDMA with most other reagents. Froehde should not be used as a stand-alone kit for testing ecstasy or molly.
Folin is used to detect piperazines such as BZP and TFMPP. It can also distinguish MDMA from MDA, but the colors are difficult to tell apart without seeing both together. It’s better to use Simon’s for that purpose.