Always Test Your Cocaine

Cocaine is almost never pure. Cocaine can be “cut” with many substances. Two of the most common cuts are amphetamines and levamisole. Amphetamines are long-acting stimulants, added because they are cheap and mimic the effects of cocaine, at least initially. Levamisole is a veterinary de-worming medication and is added to cocaine because it does not “cook out” when making crack, thus giving the illusion the cocaine is more pure.

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Many people who enjoy cocaine do not want to consume amphetamines, and nobody wants to consume levamisole. Levamisole is toxic to the boody’s immune system and can cause “agranulocytosis” or lowering of the number of white blood cells, which are necessary to fight diseases. People who use levamisole-laced cocaine are more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Many long-term cocaine users have died from otherwise manageable illnesses as a result of levamisole inhibiting their immune system.

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You Can Also Test Other Drugs

We also offer reagent test kits for MDMA, LSD and many other drugs. And we sell fentanyl test strips. Fentanyl-laced cocaine have caused thousands of deaths over the last few years.

We are an official DanceSafe affiliate. DanceSafe has been making and selling harm reduction drug testing kits since 1998. They are the oldest and largest nonprofit organization in the world serving psychedelic and party drug users. They ship fast and their kits are guaranteed high quality.

How To Use the Reagent Kits

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All reagents come with a full-size color chart like the one below.